About ESReDA

About ESReDA

ESReDA is an international non-profit association with approximately 35 member organizations comprising companies from different industries, research organizations and universities working within the safety and reliability field.

ESReDA aims to promote the development and the exchange of data, information and knowledge through the promotion of Project Groups (PG) on subjects related to Reliability, Safety and Data Analysis. In these project groups, European specialists in these subjects are able to meet and, in a first time, to aggregate their knowledge and then to disseminate it for the sake of the scientific and technological communities. This dissemination can be made by organizing seminars twice per year and publishing the most important results of the Project Groups. 

Safety and Reliability Engineering is viewed as being an important component in the design of a system. However, the discipline and its tools and methods are still evolving and expertise and knowledge dispersed throughout Europe. There is a need to pool the resources and knowledge within Europe and ESReDA provides the means to achieve this.

ESReDA Project Group on Foresight in Safety was launched in autumn 2015 like a project group for 3 years to address Foresight in Safety. The project group meets twice a year. It gathers industry experts, researchers and consultants from: EDF-R&D (France), EDP-Gestão da Produção de Energia, S.A. (Portugal), IRSN (France), EC JRC (Italy and The Netherlands), Kindunos (the Netherlands), Tukes (Finland), FonCSI (France), SRL HSE (Norway), University of Pardubice (Czech Republic), Labor Ministry of Belgium, and AGIFER (Romania). It organised the 53rd Seminar in JRC at Ispra, Italy in November 2017

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