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AGIFER is a member of ESReDA (European Association for Safety, Reliability and Data) and its working group "Safety Forecasts" since 2016.

  1. Between October 9-10, 2018, AGIFER together with the mentioned Working Group organized in Bucharest, the 55th ESReDA Seminar, entitled: Accident Investigation and Learning to Improve Safety Management in Complex Systems: remaining challenges. Over 80 participants from 15 countries (Brazil, Israel, France, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Sweden, England and Romania), contributed their presentations, discussions and expertise in reviewing the status techniques in the field, trying to answer the question of the remaining challenges regarding the investigation of accidents and the lessons to be learned from these investigations.
  2. In 2020, the working group completed the studies and analyzes performed, developing the work "Enhancing Safety: The Challenge of Forseight" -report.pdf
  3. Starting in 2020, ESReDA launched a new Working Group to address the relationships between "risks", "knowledge" and "management". The scope will be of interest to designers and system operators, managers, maintenance staff, lawyers, insurers and regulators and many others working in the safety and security sectors including natural disaster management. AGIFER supports the activity of this working group.