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Steering Board

Governing board

Dumitru Laurentiu

      President - AGIFER director

Stoicescu George


Ivana Cezar


Buciuman Ioan


Herman Alexandru Iosif


The Governing Board has mainly the following tasks:

The Governing Board mainly performs the following duties and powers in accordance with the regulations in force:
a) approve its own rules of organisation and operation;
b) approves AGIFER's internal regulations;
c) approves the development or modernisation strategy of AGIFER;
d) proposes for approval to the Minister of Transport the organisational structure of AGIFER or, if necessary, its modification;
e) approves the annual report of AGIFER's activities for submission to the European Railway Agency;
f) ensures the negotiation of the collective labour contract with the representatives of the employees, under the terms of the law;
g) approves the draft income and expenditure budget, ensures its execution after its approval and establishes measures for carrying out the activity in conditions of balancing the budget;
h) approves the investments to be made by AGIFER under the terms of the law;
i) approves the increase or decrease of AGIFER's assets, in accordance with the law;
j) establishes and submits for approval to the Minister of Transport the tariffs for the provision of services;
k) approves the rental of buildings, premises and land of AGIFER;
l) approves, under the conditions laid down by the regulations in force, the decommissioning and the exploitation of assets belonging to AGIFER, with the prior approval of the Chief Authorising Officer;
m) exercise any other powers assigned to it by the regulations in force.